Got an idea?
The platform for sharing your billion dollar idea

Why Got an idea?

As mathematician Alfred North Whitehead once said, «Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them».

Quotes aside, it's quite common to come up with ideas while having a shower or walking the dogs. So, we can assume thousands of intuitions are wasted every day, while thousands of people are desperately looking for them.

What Got an idea does is offering a tidy ad-hoc website where you can find inspirational ideas for your next project along with opinions and improvements submitted by the community.

Unlike popular social media and blogs, Got an idea lacks of all the distractions you can find on them, and it's the best place to visit when you are having trouble finding inspiration for your next big thing.

The spirit of Got an idea

When you share your intuition here, it automatically becomes of public domain, and several users can improve it and make it theirs. So, please don't publish the secret sauce of Big Mac, but rather tell us what's that apparently useless thing you'd really buy if it existed.

So, what are you doing still here? Go share your thoughts and let other creative people like you judge them, or silently check out the concepts behind future unicorn startups (or also steal them, I won't tell anyone).